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Even better than the first.

Wittier, faster, and even more creative than the first. Cameos by Vinyl Scratch and a rocking soundtrack make this a real treat to watch.

Very well done.

There's a massive amount of high-quality work here. The animation is solid, the visual styles are great, and the characters are well-portrayed. The only real thing I can say against it is that it doesn't feel quite as funny as the first two. There were a lot of moments in the first two that were instant classics. This is still so very good, but nothing just grabs you like in the first two. I hope you do make more down the line.

Okay stuff

Different, but honestly kind of boring. Too weird to be funny, not weird enough to be that entertaining. The style was neat, though.

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Snarky, timely, and fun game!

Fun and timely game! A very clever, snarky satire of a VERY irritating pop-culture figure. This is exactly the sort of game I imagined to spoof her. In fact, this sort of stuff reminds me of those early Newgrounds "Assassin" games.

Good clean graphics, great music & sound effects, good controls, and a good system of increasing difficulty and increasingly complex game dynamics as the game goes on.

A couple of complaints relating to the difficulty level though, although that may sort of be intentional, given the subject matter. One, Octomom REALLY gets in the way sometimes, although that may be the point - her actions are standing in the way of her childrens' health. Two, anything level 4 and above is ridiculously hard - I managed to make it lvl 5 only once, and that was a nightmare. Although again, that's sort of the point - taking care of that many kids is ridiculous.

The only real complaint I have is, it's not immediately clear how to throw away food that you accidentally clicked but can't give away. I know now that you have to click over the trash can, but it's a narrow click-able area, and it's not explained in the instructions (that I know of).

Great game! Thanks for the funny take on this topic.

Good game!

I liked this game! It's fun, it's got good graphics, it's easy to control, and most importantly, it has plenty of senseless violence. The artwork and objects in this game were a really nice touch too. The only weakness is that the gameplay feels too simple. Basically, if you've played it once, you've seen it all. I think some levels, powerups, or the like would make this game even better.
A couple other smaller things were kinda annoying. It would be nice to have a shorter jump option for jumping on mice next to you, because you waste a lot of time in the air when you jump. Also, I found the "sliding down the walls" bit to be real time-consuming and tedious. IMO, I also wish there were more mice on screen, because I couldn't string together a combo any bigger than five (being able to do ten would be really sweet). Finally, it would be neat if the mice made little squeaking sounds when you stepped on them. That just sounds awesome.

Great blaster game!

It's a fun game - very simple and very addicting! Graphics are simple but effective, the lazer responds nicely to mouse movement, and it's oh-so-fun to plow an entire row of grunts.
Gameplay is solid, but it never really got too tough to beat. A real effective trick is to fire your gun in one direction, and immediately swing it around to your next target during the firing beam - you can clear both sides of the screen in one shot if you time it right. Using that, I rarely used bombs until the last few levels.
As others have said, it could use more variety to keep things interesing, as it gets tedious by level 10 or so. Different enemies, weapons, or environments would keep the game more involving. Also, I was really hoping for a more involved upgrade system.
The sound gets really annoying, just because you hear the same anguished scream a million times by the end. One or two more death cries would go a long way towards a better mix of sound.
On a technical side, it'd be helpful if there was a pause button in the game, both during levels and between them, so you didn't have to wait every three levels to take a break. Also, you should let people know there are 30 levels, because there didn't seem to be an end in sight until you actually reached it. Finally, your score and upgrades don't reset when the game does - you can start over from level one with all your upgrades and kills!
I got a final score of 2033593. Oh, and if you do beat the game, there's a nice secret waiting for you at the end!

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Nice Drawing

Good drawing. Clean lines, smooth rich colors, good form.

If I've unfairly judged your movie, please tell me. I make every effort to be objective and thoughtful.

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